Are you a coach or expert ready to get REAL on social?

I Double Dog Dare You.

Tired of playing it small and ready to stretch yourself to show up in a big, bold way to turn lurkers into interested engagers?



Dare yourself to create more visibility for your business.

Double dare yourself to get up close and personal with your audience.

Everyday for 7 days, I'm going to double dog dare you to get real and cut the social media BS with engaging and scroll-stopping prompts.

It's time to EXECUTE.


Sept 7


This Challenge is for you IF:

You are a Business Coach, Service-Based Entrepreneur or Expert ready to turn your followers into an engaged audience.

You are sick of the social media fluff and ready to stop the scroll of your lurkers

You are ready to be more consistent on social media and need an easy way to engage your timeline.

You need ideas and accountability to build a ready-to-buy social media audience.

You will walk away from this Challenge with prompts, ideas to stop playing it safe and get real on social.

A few words from my clients....

Upon looking at my pricing structure and offers, she was able to quickly make two recommendations that directly resulted in additional sales and also a greater price per course sold resulting in a successful $25,000 launch!

Shanel knows her stuff and is a pleasure to work with. I will continue to use her services for upcoming course launches and my evergreen funnels. Thanks, Shanel!

Chef Lisa Brooks

Shanel delivers business growth strategies that drive lead generation and ideal client attraction.

Instead of waterboarding you with content and overwhelming you with the newest fad, Shanel takes the scariest and most complex concepts and makes them understandable, doable, and measurable for consistent results.

Dawnna St. Louis

7 Figure Revenue Acceleration Coach

Nicole L. Brown,

Business Coach

Katherine Phillips-Parrish, Instructional Design Expert

Natalie Bullen,

Wealth & Sales Coach

Does this sound familiar?

You're a coach, consultant or expert in your field. You're ready to be more visible but have been letting procrastination, perfectionism and post-paralysis keep you from being active on your timelines.

You're sick of playing it small on social media and ready for a push.

But you also need to know what to say to get real and get out of your own way.

Imagine having 7 Days of Scroll-Stopping Prompts that will:

  • Save you time and effort from finding something clever to post

  • Stop the scroll and increase visibility with potential clients and collab partners

  • Show your audience the realest version of you, your business and industry

  • Create momentum & buzz to carry you through year end

  • Attract more high-quality dream clients

It's time to stop playing small. Your clients are waiting for you.

I DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU to stop playing it safe with time-saving prompts to create more visibility for your offers.

Think of this Challenge as an simple, impactful opportunity to stretch yourself, share your passions in a real, authentic way on social media to create more visibility and engage your audience.

buzz-worthy posts

Have your clients at the 1st scroll. You'll receive a daily post prompt from my Buzz-Worthy Blueprint to stand out in the social media streets.


Leverage my shortcuts.

You'll have access to high engaging prompts so you can add a punch to your posts in less time.


Attract new clients and collab partners.

Your timeline will take notice of the bold, real version of you on social media.

7 Days of done-for-you buzz-worthy prompts to create more visibility, build your audience and attract clients in a bold way. You can participate from ANYWHERE, so no excuses.

The prompts will be hosted within my Social Media Domination VIP Community so you'll have easy access to grab your prompts, engage with other Challenge guests and to ask questions.


You’re a coach, consultant, or service provider with a READY TO LAUNCH service or offer.

You need a nudge plus done-for-you prompts to help you craft HIGH CONVERTING, ENGAGING social media posts.

You are TIRED OF LIVING IN THE WORLD OF PERFECTION AND PROCRASTINATION when it comes to your social media presence.

You’re tired of chasing leads and need a better way to ATTRACT them through social media.

You are ready to STRETCH YOURSELF and show up in a BOLD, REAL way on social.

At the end of this Challenge, you'll stop the scroll of your lurkers and have your clients paying attention to what you're saying on social.

Here's What a Few of My Clients Have to Say.....

Our online presence has increased tremendously. We have a noticeable increase in social media followers and visits to our online store. Her strategies have made a big difference.

Leslie, The Wine Concierge

Shanel provided me the tools and confidence to execute on my first multi-5-figure Launch in just under 60 days. Her tips for optimizing my marketing funnel and offer landing page were gold, and created the type of enhanced visibility that attracted and converted my ideal clients.

Deana Jean - Speaker and Launch Strategist

Shanel is a social media beast! She is an expert. She breaks things down in understandable bites. She gave me a simple easy to follow strategy. She made her herself available for questions after the session.

She is A M A Z I N G. Hire her!

Theresa - America's Divinity Coach

Shanel is incredibly talented and experienced in social media content and strategies. At the end of the challenge, I felt more confident and focused on how to attract my people. The workbook provided was also super helpful and provided great templates, captions, and CTAs. I would definitely recommend Shanel Evans if you just can't seem to figure out your social media strategy to attract your ideal clients.

Danielle Fisher - Coach for Creators

Let's be honest. Even If...

You've stalled in the past


Don't know what to say on social


Or believe you need to be video-vixen perfect

This Challenge is for you.

This challenge isn’t simply a workshop where you’ll take a ton of notes to collect dust.

We will EXECUTE.

This is a dare to get out of your own way on social. Ditch the perfection and post-paralysis.

I double dare you to stretch yourself to share real moments with your timeline.

I double dog dare you to quit playing it safe online by sharing the realest version of you to create visibility and consistency with your audience.

You’ll have the guidance of industry-winning Social Media Business expert to ensure your implementation is on point, tested, and ready to turn your social media timeline into an automated cash-generating machine for your business.

This Challenge is exclusively for coaches and experts who want to accelerate with proven, time-saving prompts to create more buzz for your offers.

In just 7 Days, you'll walk away with a bold new timeline of real, authentic posts that reflect the realest version of you, your business and your industry.

Do you accept the Challenge?

Hi, I'm Shanel...

I work with women with launch-ready offers who want buzz-worthy content that converts into cashflow FAST!

Even if you don't want to post multiple times a day or believe you need to be video vixen perfect, my proven 10K V.I.B.E. Methodology will help you skip to the front of the line on the internet streets.

Together, we will come up with a customized approach with my easy to follow, proven formula to get seen and make money faster with high engaging content.

I have won multiple awards, including the Business of the Year Award, I'm a Meta (Facebook) Leader and Meta Certified Online Instructor. I’ve even been featured in several magazines, but my greatest bragging right is watching my clients create more business opportunities and authentic relationships on social media.

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